Workshops & Coaching

Enhance your festival with an experienced workshop leader.


Introduction to Contemporary A Cappella

30 – 45 minutes. Overview of different global singing styles and the history/development of the modern a cappella sound. Includes brief vocal percussion and arranging tutorial. Equipment needs: keyboard, sound system/microphone, A/V

Basic / Intermediate Arranging

45 – 90 minutes. An introduction to common methods, “moments,” and textural components of vocal arranging. Intermediate class more deeply explores notation programs (including notational/engraving conventions), Reaper/DAW arranging, and strategies for interpretation. Equipment needs: sound system (for playing samples/examples) and projector/visual (for showing workspace/notation)

Basic / Intermediate Vocal Percussion

45 – 90 minutes. An introduction to basic sounds with an emphasis on style-specific grooves. Intermediate class expands on grooves, improvisation, and the role of the rhythm section. Equipment needs: microphone, amp; A/V preferable

Creative Rehearsing

60 – 90 minutes. Tips for choosing constructive warm-ups, developing aural skills through improvisation, and “best practices” for rehearsal. Longer class allows for extended discussion and examples. Equipment needs: keyboard, A/V preferable

An effective lecturer and clinician, Kari can help your group step up its game for competition and diagnose problem areas. Experienced with high school, collegiate, community, and semi-professional ensembles, Kari can help take your group to the next level of performance through general critiques as well as specialized workshops on arranging, vocal percussion, and more.

  • Fresh insight for your group from the viewpoint of a vocalist, arranger, and educator with a varied musical background.
  • Familiar with competition rubrics and strategies for addressing judging criteria without compromising artistic integrity.
  • Happy to work with your budget so you don’t break the bank!
Hunter VP

Literacy and Performance
Vocal Percussion workshop at Hunter College, 2017.